May 8, 2015

A Saturday Morning

As I've mentioned before, the local photography community is very supportive. I've become friends with a few other local photographers which is awesome when it comes to critique and development. One of those photographers is Stephanie Shaw.  Steph is actually way more than a photographer, she's a maker. She sells charming bibs and paper crafts on Etsy in addition to running her photography business. Earlier this spring, Stephanie and I traded sessions with one another.

I opted to have an in-home session one Saturday morning. The girls picked out their outfits, ate two breakfasts each, basically going about their usual routines. My sister was visiting and busied herself with cake making in an unsuccessful effort to avoid the pictures. We received over eighty pictures which is just unbelievable! It so fun to see your life through someone else's lens.

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  1. I love seeing you in these pictures! You're always behind the camera.