March 22, 2016

ProjectTEN | March

This month's post is late. I could blame the baby, or the timing of Cole's birthday party, or the cold and flu season. But really what it comes down to is life in general. Some months are harder than others. February 10 - March 10 was a month full of much joy and very deep tragedy for our family. Right now, I'm glad to have snapshots.

There is nothing technically impressive about this group of images and that is fine with me. These ten pictures are something because of the life in them. This month, getting a few pictures of Cole's fourth birthday celebration was enough.

After the birthday party, we popped in to see my grandpa who was staying right down the street from the art studio. Fortuitously, my dad decided to pop in, though he lives an hour away, at just the same time. And so, we nabbed a picture of four generations.
Please go check out the ProjectTEN work produced this month by these awesome lady photographers:

If you would like to see more of my daily life, check out Instagram where my kids are the stars.

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