December 30, 2014


In keeping with our new tradition, on Christmas morning we woke up at our house then made our way to Baltimore to see my family. At home we read the story of Jesus' birth, opened presents, and had a little breakfast. Cole wanted Santa to bring her and Ibbie bubbles for Christmas, blue and yellow bubbles that she could blow herself. He did. He and his reindeer also gratefully devoured the cookie, carrot, milk, and water the girls left out.
Cole also wanted Ibbie to give her a Buzz Lightyear, who she affectionally calls "Buzz Light-leader."
Cole gave Ibbie her very own baby doll which was exactly what she asked for. Our generous neighbors gave us a workbench that their children recently outgrew. The girls were surprised and delighted.
We got to Baltimore at 10 o'clock and had a lovely and leisurely morning and afternoon at my parents' houses. I opted to bring a tripod and timer so we could get some family pictures and didn't worry too much about getting snapshots.
Christmas morning, my dad gave Ibbie a necklace to celebrate her baptism in September. I planned to hold on to it until she was a bit older but Ibbie insisted we put it on her right away. The gal loves accessories! 

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