August 18, 2009

The Rescue

What a crazy Monday! Yesterday I had every intention of completing my To-Do List when I got a phone call from my sister-in-law, Nancy. Apparently a dog that we both know was in the possession of Animal Services.

Here's the back story: A little over a year ago, a family Nancy babysits for was looking to give up their Shih Tzu. The dog needed a bit of training but was very sweet. I was able to find a family in Memphis willing to take the dog in. Peter and I drove Fluffy from Atlanta to Memphis and delivered her to the new family. Things seemed great, for about an hour. One hour after dropping Fluffy off I got a call from her new owner that she had run away. I was heartbroken. Fortunately, they found her but I remained uneasy about the dog's new placement.

As a puppy, Fluffy's Atalanta family had her microchipped. Fluffy's family in Memphis neglected to update the contact information on the microchip even though I gave them the paperwork to do so. As a result, when Fluffy was picked up by animal control, her original owner in Atlanta was contacted. Animal Services told the original owner that Fluffy was in pretty bad shape; covered with fleas and tightly matted. She had slight eye damage and was clearly not being taken care of. Cue the phone chain.

The original owner called Nancy, who then called me, and then I called Animal Services. I rushed to the shelter to find Fluffy. She was a mess. $19 later, she was out of the shelter and we were able to began our search for a groomer available to shear Fluffy immediately. Due to the severe state she was in we were turned down by 5 groomers before we hit the jackpot. The Collierville Pet Hospital was amazing. Not only were they willing to groom Fluffy, they did so without hesitation. While they groomed her, I ventured to the nearest Hollywood Feed to get the necessary supplies for Fluffy. Peter and I are going back to Atlanta soon and we'll be taking Fluffy with us. Hopefully she'll get a new family, a new name, and will be able to start a much needed new life.
Fluffy: Before

Fluffy: After

Fluffy: In her party dress.


  1. LOVE THE PARTY DRESS!!! Can't wait to meet her this weekend!

  2. awww cute thing!!! collierville pet hospital is where i take maya and titus! they are amazing! how are they getting along with the other kids?

  3. LOVE Fluffy aka. Bailey! So sweet, I'm glad she is happy now.