September 11, 2009

Organization Station

With the copious amounts of time I've had on my hands recently, I've taken to organizing and reorganizing our closets and furniture. In my master plan for the house, we're going to add some built-in shelving and cubbies in my closet but in the mean time I've settled for a pop of color and tidy shoe storage. Between the kitchen and dining room is this odd little hallway that has a large closet but no clear purpose. Initially, we only used the space to give the dogs water. I saw the multitude of organizational boards in a Pottery Barn catalog and they called my name. In addition to watering the dogs the odd little hallway now houses our Organization Station. I love it!

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad that you no longer have so much time on your hands and that you get to hang out with me at VMS... but I do enjoy your organization! Impressive :D