March 15, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

Monday? Already? How about a recap?

1. Saturday, around noon.
"You don't drive a gray Honda, do you?" a stranger asked us.
"No, we do not," Peter replied.
"Good, because someone just hit one with a moving truck."
We breathed a sigh of relief; but, it was too soon. Evidently, a silver Acura looks a good bit like a gray Honda. Unfortunately, it was my car, while innocently parked in front of a local dojo, that was hit by the 16' box truck.

2. Saturday, afternoon and early evening.
A missionary from Malawi, supported by our church, is touring the US with the Jazz Combo Group: Mingoli. We were fortunate to be able to host the event at Streets.

3. Sunday, 8:50am correction 9:50am.
At 8:50, I realized that I was over due to "Spring Forward" and was, in fact, late for a meeting at church. The rest of the day was thrown off; I really don't function well when my sense of time is thrown off.

4. Sunday, dinner.
Sunday, 3.14, was Pi Day. To celebrate, I made Shepherd's pie for dinner followed by apple pie for dessert. Nerdy? Yes. Delicious? Indeed.

5. Sunday, 9:00pm.
Peter and I went on a late date to the movies. We saw Alice in Wonderland which I had been excited about since I saw the first preview last July. I enjoyed the movie most likely because I enjoy Tim Burton movies. The whole thing was a bit weird but a good weird.

6. Sunday, all day.
WD, my grandpa on my dad's side, turned 83!

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  1. CRAZY WEEKEND!!!!! sorry about your car! :(