May 28, 2011

Change of Plans

Last August, I moved to Nashville for "two years."  After completing typical Fall and Spring Semesters, I opted to take a full semester load in the summer so that I could graduate and move home in December. And that was the plan. Until it wasn't.

On May 18 I received a game changing email. For the first time, I was provided a copy of the student handbook. Upon reading the handbook, I learned that my school will accept up to six transfer hours.  Rewind: In the spring of 2008, in order to maintain my alternative teacher licensure, I enrolled in a master's program. Then I took two classes - for a total of six credit hours.  

After reading the handbook, I sent emails to the necessary faculty and staff about the possibility of receiving credit for the courses I took in 2008. And I got the green light! As of July 1 I will need just one more class in order to graduate in December. Since my program offers weekend classes, there is no need for me to live in Nashville next fall.

Wednesday, I moved home.  I'm thrilled. Maybe beyond thrilled. What a tremendous blessing!


  1. This is sad for me since I'll miss you so much. Please come back and visit!

  2. Awww, Sarah. I'll be back for class and other events. I like you all too much and I am way to close not to visit.

  3. so awesome! ;) I know you guys are excited!

  4. that is so great; do you know that i didn't know this story! so glad! a very similar thing happened with david finishing grad was amazing.
    so happy for you.