July 15, 2013

The Little Fish

Last week Cole and I participated in Miss Holly's Mommy & Me swim lessons. To no one's surprise, Cole loved it. Or at least most of it. Her favorite part of the lessons was going under water. She'd bob back up and ask for more. She also thought jumping in was a blast. She was a hair less keen on kicking and pretty much hated floating on her back.
During lessons, we learned that Cole still prefers to be taught by me, which is very typical for her age.  She clung tight whenever one of the teachers was near. Still, Miss Holly was a dream teacher and was able to give me great directions. I highly recommend Swimming Lessons With Holly. We'll be signing up again next summer!


  1. Ahh! She is too cute in that little swimming cap!

    1. Thanks! I got the cap to protect her little blonde head but it is mighty cute. :)

  2. the first and last pictures in particular are so great. I don't think they offer anything like this in my area but it's such a cool idea.