July 2, 2013

Rainbow Lake Playground

After our picnic and family picture taking on Sunday, we walked to the new Rainbow Lake Playground. We've been anticipating the reopening of the playground all summer. The Rainbow Lake Playground is located within Overton Park, which is less than two miles from our house. Overton is home to the zoo, art museum, Memphis College of Art, a dog park, golf course, two playgrounds, the Levitt Shell, and various walking areas. As you can imagine, Cole and I find ourselves at Overton for one reason or another a few times a week.

When we asked Cole if she wanted to visit the new playground, it was as though we'd given her a mission. She bee-lined across the Greensward while Peter and I cleaned up the picnic.
Once we got to the playground, Cole was beside herself. Not only were there loads of news things to explore but, because the playground's proximity to the dog park, there were lots of dogs just on the other side of the playground fence. You better believe my child was quick to point out every single one of them. The girl is an animal lover through and through.

One of the more popular features of the new playground is an old fashion metal merry-go-round. Cole joined some big girls and went for a spin (in truth, she went for many spins). Cole kept asking for more and the big girls kept asking to go faster. Fortunately, Cole loves to make new friends. One of the big girls let Cole sit on her lap while Peter spun the merry-go-round faster.
 Cole was a bit reluctant about the sandbox, at first. But, once again, the big girls made it all better. Some older girls showed Cole how to play in the sand and she caught right on. In no time, she was digging up treasures and getting her hands dirty with the other kids.
 I love that the playground doesn't feel new. While everything is notably pristine, it's not your typical brightly colored, safe, plastic playland. There are metal slides, underground tunnels, and a drum circle. The new design fits so well into the Greensward, it's clear the efforts of many, many people paid off. I can say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, we are spoiled by some pretty great playgrounds and parks in Memphis but I am not complaining.


  1. is that a hammock swing?? Oh I would park myself RIGHT THERE and "supervise" my kid.

    Love the pictures. How fun that Cole had so many "big sisters" to play with her that day.

    1. Great eye! Actually in the last picture, the gentleman in teal parked in the hammock swing is Peter. And he was doing just that :)

    2. bahaha. There you go, Peter. My kind of people ;)

  2. We were just talking the other day about those old merry-go-rounds- that they were so dangerous because they go so fast and we can't believe they ever allowed them. That's funny. Also I LOVE that hammock swing! And the fake tree.