November 15, 2013

Cheers and Tears

We've been on the road for three days with one left. We've driven for a total of 12 hours with 5.25 hours left to go today. Considering the circumstances, everyone is doing extremely well but we are all ready to be reunited with Peter, home. Last night when we got out of the car, Cole went wild. Fortunately, I had forethought enough to book an Airbnb for the evening so there was room for her to roam. And run.

Before we left Memphis, two going away celebrations were thrown in our honor. The first was hosted by the Swens before Peter's departure and attended by many of his coworkers and their significant others. Erin opted for a "Fiesta" theme which was perfect. And delicious.

The second was a celebration with many of my girlfriends. The timing was perfect! It was my last night in our house before the movers packed everything up. While no one was terribly excited about the reason for the occasion, it was a great evening filled with love and laughter.
It was our dear friends that made Memphis home. And we will miss seeing each and every one of them regularly. While it's hard to spend weeks saying, "Goodbye" or, rather, "See you later," I feel like I had adequate time to do so. With friends popping in daily for weeks, our departure didn't feel rushed even though it arrived in the blink of an eye.


  1. Too many tears over here! Miss you Slatons already. Glad you have arrived safely. XO

  2. I am so sad that I wasn't apart of this group, but I loved getting to spend time with you alone. I love you guys so much and hope to see yall soon!!