November 5, 2013

The Goodbye Song

In the last two weeks, Cole has taken to saying, "Bye" to everything we pass while driving.  I call it the Goodbye Song. Last Tuesday my eyes welled with tears as we drove down Walnut Grove and she said "Bye" to the library, to the coffee shop, and to each and every car we passed. While she has very little concept of "Goodbye," I know that we are in a season of goodbyes and a time is coming that will be be saying, "Bye" to the library and everything else for the final time. 

One week from today we will load up the car for a four-day road trip that will take us to our new home in the Mid-Atlantic. This week we are doing many things in Memphis for the last time. We had our last Funday Monday play date yesterday since next Monday we'll be packing. Today I went to bible study at our church for the last time and tomorrow will be my last time with my BSF group in Memphis. Cole will be going to her little school three more times before we leave, but that's it. Only three! She's been going to school since she was three months old. It took awhile, but eventually Cole fell in love with her teachers and classmates. It's now the highlight of her week! In her new class, she blossomed. My girl will walk herself right in without so much as a look back which is quite the contrast to the screaming, itty bitty baby I dropped off in May 2012.
In truth, I'm struggling to comprehend the end of our time as Memphis. My head knows the move is around the corner but my heart doesn't. As I watched the new owner of our house have his picture taken by the front door, I held back tears. Time is marching on and all the necessary things are falling into place but it's still hard to leave a place we've grown to love so much. I imagine a week from now, almost to the minute, as we head out of town, we'll all be singing a tearful, joyful, bittersweet Goodbye Song.

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  1. This made me teary too. I hate saying goodbye to places I love. Good luck with this move!