March 26, 2014

Pictures of Flowers

Earlier this week, I asked Cole if she wanted to go see flowers and take pictures. She did. Enthusiastically. After nap time, we zipped up to Longwood Gardens for an afternoon photography walk. Cole took pictures of flowers and I, mostly, took pictures of Cole.

When we got home, I downloaded all of our pictures. I was surprised to find a number of Cole's pictures came out, albeit in her signature constant toddler movement style

I like to have Cole practice naming colors when we look at flowers so here we have purple, yellow, and blue flowers.
Cole went out of her way to get this photo. She took four pictures from this position shifting her hands a bit for each shot.
The main event was the blue poppies which only bloom for a few weeks each spring. Cole, as I suspected, loved the blue flowers. We looped back three times on our walk to get more pictures.
After our photography walk, Cole needed a rest so, as she's done before, she hit the floor and rested. Oh, the life of a hobbyist photog. It's exhausting.
Lest you think she was left behind, Ib chilled in the stroller. She's just a go-with-the-flow kind of gal.


  1. What a great outing idea! Now, I have to run out and get a camera for the girls. You are becoming my mom guru. I tried to imitate you at every turn.