January 6, 2015

A New Thing

A few months ago I officially, albeit quietly, launched my photography company. I have a Facebook page and a little website. I even have some clients! I have something of a vision that I'm still attempting to articulate. I'm getting close. I think I'm best described as a lifestyle photographer. I want my images to capture my clients and their families as they are. I love to take pictures in homes where people are the most comfortable and the most themselves. I've been grateful to document celebrations and traditions. I've been to birthday parties, baby showers, and Christmas tree farms. I hope the images I provide can spark a memory of a time gone by.

This blog will remain primarily our family blog. I won't be posting sessions here, at least not with any regular frequency. If you want to see pictures from my client sessions, you'll have to head over to Facebook.

As I start the new year, I have some goals for this company; I have so much that I want to learn. I am working to create a dedicated work space in my home with much help from some very handy men in my family. I'm also trying to think of ways to streamline my online presence. I have found and been welcomed into a couple of groups of photographers who have been all kinds of supportive.

I've found that every session provides a chance for me to learn and grow. I'm so grateful and indebted to my clients who have taken a chance on a new photographer with a young company. Below are some of my favorite images from the last few months.


  1. Love this post! The website looks great :)

  2. I wish we lived closer! I would totally hire you! :) You do a beautiful job!

  3. Parker, these pictures are beautiful. I just meandered all over your website. Lovely!