April 12, 2016

ProjectTEN | April

Here we are in April. John Hall is two months old and I'm still struggling to pick up my camera. Thank goodness for ProjectTEN! This month I decided I'd capture a couple of simple moments of our daily life as it currently is. All of the images featured are from one twenty-five minute span.

We have commitments every morning and often this is lunch: John Hall dozing in his carseat while Cole and Ibbie eat. After lunch, the kids always rest and usually nap. The simultaneous rests allow me time to eat lunch and catch up on photography and house work. But as I mentioned, I haven't been picking up my camera much lately. My energies during rest time have gone to supervising baby belly naps, encouraging preschooler sleep, and loving on my lonely dog. Gratefully, I know infancy is fleeting and housework can wait, so I watch my baby sleep while I listen to my girls blatantly boycott naps. Welcome to my world!
Please go check out the ProjectTEN work produced this month by these awesome lady photographers:

If you would like to see more of my daily life, check out Instagram where my kids are the stars.

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  1. Thank you, Project 10 because I love to see your pictures and your eye for the beauty in the every day!! And my motto is that housework can always wait .. not matter how old they are! haha. One day they will be cleaning it all for you! :) (I wish!)