September 11, 2009

House Tour

As I previously mentioned, I have be rearranging the furniture and artwork in the house (for those of you that know my family- I think it's in my blood). Anyway, here are the results. The red room is now my office and our guestroom.

The twin beds are still in the teal room. Initially, I felt like I was breaking a major rule of decorating by separating the twin beds but overall the look works. The new furniture arrangement allows for more free space. Ma Scott's Orange Chicken surprised me when it gave the room a more finished look- but I like it.

Gigi's paintings were recently mailed to me with hope of ending up in the teal room but the oil paintings looked much better against the North Hampton Putty (which by the way, is a fabulous not-so-boring-neutral).

Our living room seems extremely limited in terms of ways to move the furniture. The architectural details - arches, walkways, built ins, fireplace- basically define where the furniture can be placed. I did manage to have some fun switching the lamps and bringing the armoire into room.


  1. Park!
    The rooms look great! Love the armoire in the living room :)

    Thought you might like this blog ...


  2. Hey..Go easy on my kitchen...i have never even cooked with spelt...Aunt Kate