February 27, 2011

Geaux there!

Last week I had the good fortunate of spending some time in New Orleans for a conference. While I never left the French Quarter {I didn't have a car}, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Leslie, my conference buddy, and I decided to arrive in New Orleans a day early to maximize our visit. Within 90 minutes of deplaning, we made our way to Café Du Mondé for beignets, chocolate milk, and a café au lait. The 2011 Krewe du Vieux Parade was conveniently scheduled for the day we arrived.  We made sure to get front row seats for the satirical spectacle!  
On my last morning in New Orleans, I heard Scott Cowen, the president of Tulane University speak. When asked, "What can we do for New Orleans?" he responded eloquently. Above anything else, he requested that people visit and see first hand what is going on in the city. After my short stay, I know I would like to go back and explore outside of the French Quarter. 

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