February 16, 2011


People ask me about "our situation"and how it's going all of the time. The short answer is that long distance marriage sucks but it's only temporary. Fortunately it's not harder than I expected.  When I applied to graduate schools I knew I didn't want to go too far away.  While I briefly considered some other schools, I ended up at Vanderbilt which was the closest of the schools I seriously considered.

While we were dating, Peter and I were on-again-off-again long distance the entire time. I went to Baltimore and Sicily and he lived in Cincinnati, Atlanta, and Memphis. Of course, their were brief periods when we both lived in Clemson but they never lasted very long. At the time, we couldn't see how we were being prepared for the future. But we were.

Long distance is not ideal. And I suppose I could write at length about long distance relationships but that is for another time, maybe. Recently I've been scheming. A couple of weeks ago I realized that if I take a semester's worth of credits over the summer  I can graduate in December 2011 instead of May 2012. As soon as I realized this, I started looking into the details. Well, it's two weeks later and December graduation has gone from an idea to being the plan. Basically, I'll have a busy summer but that is just fine. I can handle busy. I kind of love busy.

Just about everyone has been understanding and supportive of this decision. They know its best for Peter and me. And so do we. I actually firmed everything up on Monday and sent the good news to Peter as a sort of Valentine via Gmail {because I'm fancy}. Never mind the fact that we said we weren't doing anything for Valentine's Day.


  1. this is awesome and so was your last post! I didn't know he was a tennis player! I owe you a phone call, I'm horrible.:(

  2. I like your plan! Does that mean summer in Nashville? (Which I am assuming, unless you are able to take all online classes - highly doubt.)

  3. Actually, no. I'll email.....