March 20, 2011

Q. and the G.

This weekend we had the pleasure of visiting Peter's family in Georgia. While it was nice to see everyone, Q. stole the show! At 5+ months, she is quite expressive. And amused by her feet. Other than ceiling fans, they may be her favorite entertainment. Every time I got the camera out, Q. was game! She is quite fond of both barrel laughs and serious faces. 
While Peter and I loved getting to see our growing niece, not everyone was delighted. The G. struggled. To be clear, G loves babies. He would lick Q.'s head, face, fingers, and toes every chance he got. He even scaled a couch in order to be near her. Something about babies drives Gunther wild! Of course, we had to control him because crazy animals and babies don't always play well together. And as a result, he spent most of the weekend like this: 
He doesn't do so well at second fiddle. Poor G.


  1. haha. Poor guy. That face, he looks so hurt by it all. : (

    Glad y'all had a nice time with family!!

  2. Petey looks happy with a baby, better watch out Parker. Haha