March 27, 2011

Quick Question: Old Movies

What movies did you watch obsessively growing up? 

Peter and I get on this topic every once in awhile and it always ends the same way. Apparently, the movies I loved were not fan favorites. While Peter was busy learning every word of The Karate Kid and Surf Ninjas, I was watching horror movies. Made for children.

The Watcher in the Woods was Disney's attempt at horror. Two sisters get involved in a supernatural mystery concerning a girl that went missing in the woods by their new home a few decades prior. It's creepy and weird and having rewatched it recently, I'm glad Disney got out of the horror genre.
The Witches is the hardly-accurate film adaptation of Ronald Dahl's book. In the movie, a boy and his grandmother are staying at the same hotel as a convention of witches when the boy learns that the Grand High Witch wants to turn all children into mice. {The movie is actually a good bit more optimistic than the book.} The special effects are amazing with lots of green gas and witches peeling their faces off. It shouldn't be missed.

Have you ever seen these movies? 
Does the name Nerak creep you out? Or are you the Surf Ninja type? 


  1. omg! i loved Watcher in the Woods! We rented it once and I never saw it again but always wanted to! That was such a long time ago..I am now on a quest to watch it...hopefully i can find it!

  2. Scary childhood. Where are the lovey cartoon characters? Kelly and I know every single word to The Chipmunk Adventure. And Aladdin. And Men in Black. Weird jump but we loved that movie.

  3. I know for a fact Parker saw Alladin!

  4. Mindy wrote this, not Benny.

  5. Haha! I certainly did see Aladdin and a number of other movies- Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead and Babes in Toyland come to mind. These are just ones that Peter and I debate the most.

  6. My favorite move growing up was The Quarterback Princess. LOL!! Wonder if it's still around. My brothers would make so much fun of me for that. I would watch it over and over.
    We also watched The Karate Kid (of course), and Dirty Dancing was a favorite, but we had to watch it behind my mom's back! LOL