April 15, 2012

Home Organization: Cole's Closet

I was not prepared for the onslaught of clothes that we received after Cole was born. Prior to her birth we had a few gender neutral outfits and a whole bunch of gift cards. Peter and I figured we'd just pick up clothes as we needed them. Little did we know how excited our friends would be about our baby girl. While still in the hospital, we started receiving outfits for Cole. Once we got home, the clothes from friends and family just kept coming, in lots of different sizes! Before long, we had a pretty serious stock piled up in the closet.  I decided we needed a strategy to organize all of the clothes.

The organization process began with sorting the clothing by size. Once sorted, I put the clothes in bins labeled for each size.  While the sizing of baby clothes is directly correlated with age,  I'm well aware that children do not necessarily wear their age. To solve this issue, on the label I included the recommended length and weight limits for each size.
I knew I wanted to sort Cole's hanging clothes as well so I started pricing closet dividers. It didn't take long to decide I could probably make my own for less. A quick search for DIY Closet Dividers led me to a wonderful and straightforward tutorial. I followed the tutorial very closely and wound up with six very cute dividers. Each divider represents a number of months so the clothes between the 0 and the 3 are 0-3 month clothes.
In all honesty, my closet does not look like this. At all. For whatever reason, while I like everything else in our house to be organized and sorted, I stuff my clothes into drawers (not folded) and most of the clothes in my closet, particularly those I wear often, are on the ground. Maybe one day I'll change. Or maybe not. But my sweet daughter has a closet worth documenting. Perhaps it's the fact that baby clothes are very cute or the fact that Cole is out growing clothes faster than I care to say, but for whatever reason, I aim to keep her closet tidy until it becomes her responsibility. 


  1. you inspire me to get things done!:)

  2. great idea! going to keep this one in mind for *someday*