October 16, 2013

Where'd You Get the Name "Ibbie?"

As you could probably guess from Cole's name, we like family names. Early into my pregnancy with Ibbie we decided that we would be finding out the gender of the baby. Once we found out we were having another girl it took no time at all to come up with her name. Elizabeth is my sister's middle name. It was also the name of the two great-grandmothers that I knew best.
In naming a child Elizabeth, there is the nickname debate.  With so many nicknames to choose from, we had some thinking to do: Liz, Beth, Betsy, Eliza, Elle, Izzy, Liddy, Libby, and so on.  Ultimately (and probably predictably) we stuck with family tradition and decided to use my great-grandmother's nickname, "Ibbie." She spelled it with an E- but we opted to use an I- so that the spelling would match the pronunciation. My great-grandmother, Ebbie, was a faithful woman and a solid artist, certainly a worthy namesake for our daughter.

Choosing a middle name was pretty straight forward. We knew we wanted to use a name from Peter's family. We seriously considered using my mother-in-law's maiden name but instead went with Kathleen, my mother-in-law's first name.

So there you have it, the logic behind Elizabeth "Ibbie" Kathleen Slaton.

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