February 10, 2012

Date Night!

A few months ago, I decided  that once the baby arrives we will hang his/her initials on the wall above the crib. I went to Hobby Lobby while they were running a sale and picked up the letters for our boy-name initials and girl-name initials. From that idea, sparked a desire to create a gallery wall around the initials. We already had picture frames and plates to include. As I was coming up with potential layouts for the wall, I noticed a small gap that needed to be filled. I figured a ceramic cross would go well in the space so I started looking online. I quickly realized it would cost just as much for us to paint our own cross as it would to buy one. So, to Seize the Clay we went!

Seize the Clay is a paint your own pottery shop. After a bit a research, I learned they offer half price studio fees during a Wine & Cheese event every Friday night. I invited our friends M and E to join us for the crafty date night. I called ahead to make a reservation for the four of us thinking that it was entirely unnecessary. Well, was I ever wrong! When we walked in we were shocked to see the place was packed! There were groups of women, birthday parties, and other couples on dates. Who knew so many people enjoy painting pottery? 
I decided to paint a vase while Peter painted the cross for the baby's room. While I may be creative in other areas, when it comes to painting pottery I have one strategy: Use only one paint color. With my strategy in mind, I selected a
Peter was tasked to paint the ceramic cross for the nursery. As a paint your own pottery rookie, he followed my strategy and used just one paint color for the cross. He used a
Once the baby is here we'll get the gallery wall up with the appropriate initials and the finished cross!

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  1. Can't wait to see the after pictures! I didn't know there were different glazes... What a fun date night (PJ would kill me if I made him do that haha)