February 16, 2012

Home Organization: House Binder

I believe it's very common when you buy a house for the previous owners to leave behind a folder, notebook, or binder with paperwork relevant to the property. In our case, we received a binder with loads of installation guides as well as a notebook with proposed plans from a landscape architect. A few years ago, we removed nearly all of the plants in our backyard so we tossed the notebook. The binder, on the other hand, we kept.
Motivated by a friend who recently moved and created the best home binder I've ever seen, I decided to sort through the contents of the binder and figure out what to do with them. It became clear rather quickly that the majority of the paperwork was junk. It also became clear that I needed to get a new binder. With the current binder, there were over-sized baggies and paperwork sticking out.
 Thankfully, having just been a full-time student, I had a number of school supplies on hand that proved useful for this project. I opted to give each room and outdoor area a section in the binder.
I put paint cards and fabric samples for each room into page protectors.
If relevant, I included a folder for installation and hardware manuals. 
Now the new house binder is sleek, useful, and organized quite a change from where I started and well worth the time it took to complete. 

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  1. Oh how fun! I don't have a home folder, but love this idea. Looks great Parker