November 19, 2012

Cole :: 9 months

Cole's last month has been busy with the long anticipated birth of her new friend Will and acquisition of new skills. She's waving "Hello," clapping her hands, drinking out of straws, and pulling up all of the time. Cole loves to walk around the house using her walker or holding on to various pieces of furniture. In a bind, Cole will simply use the wall for support. Walking is coming, people, I can see it on the horizon.

Cole got to hang with a bunch of her big girl friends at a recent birthday party. She felt very special and wore herself out. She slept from 6:00 p-6:50a the night after the party (she got up at 12:00 and 4:00 because sleeping through the night is rare occurrence in this house) which was a really big deal!


  1. 9 months already! 3 months til 1 year. 3 months til Baby Scalf is here... oh boy.

  2. love love love the picture of the girls. Molly's face here!