November 1, 2012

Four and Five

Today is Gunther and Lily's birthday. Yes, they have the same birthday.  Gunther is five and Lily is four.

Since I've lost my mind, I got them presents. Edible presents but presents. They loved them.

It's hard to believe how small they used to be. Heavens, Lily would cuddle in G's crate. It's just not an option anymore. 

On an entirely unrelated note, every time I hear this song on the radio it reminds me of other songs. And I hear it all of the time because it's being played to death. Recently, I watched this video and it all made sense, it does sound like other songs. (I know I'm a bit behind on this one. Let's blame it on baby time.)


  1. Haha I REALLY like that second guy's video! It's so true.

  2. okay we've been friends for a long time now!!! i remember when you 1st brought lily home! :)

    1. Right?!! It's crazy. Last night Peter and I were talking about how long we've been in Memphis. Kind of crazy!