November 20, 2012

Get That Baby A Leaf!

Cole loves details.
Screws, hinges, string, anything like that.
When we go outside she likes grass and leaves. She'll scan the nearby area then grab a bit of nature to examine.

Last week we went to watch the sunset over the Mississippi River.
Since it sets a bit before 5 o'clock these days, it's a great activity for the end of the day.
I'm always a fan of exploring, so we went to  a couple of parks along the River Walk: Martyr's Park and Greenbelt Park.

Marytr's Park was a surprirse!
It has one of the the best views of the bridges in the city and the park is hidden away so it's not crowded.
There was only one other person there while we watched the sun fade and he just sat in his car.
(And I watched him like a hawk in case he was a creeper. Which I don't think he was.)

You'd think I'd have a picture of the sunset, since thats what we were watching. I don't.
I kept a close eye on Cole (and the potential creeper) and forgot to snap a picture of the sun fading over the Mississippi.
Maybe next time.

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