April 11, 2013

Community Education: Digital Photography

This week I started a Digital Photography Community Education class at Memphis College of Art. It only look me years to finally sign up. The class meets six times over three weeks. In our sessions this week we received an introduction to film based photo theory and discussed the parts, buttons and function of Digital SLR cameras.  In addition to our classroom time, we are given exercises to complete between sessions. Our first exercise was to take thirty different photographs of one object in different types of light. Our shutter speed was set but we could play with the ISO sensitivity.

For my object, I picked an Army man. He explored outside, inside, and even the inside of the freezer. For my light sources I used the sun at various times of day, the flashlight on my cell phone, candle light and assorted indoor lights. The exercise helped me to see the difference a few settings can make.

For our next exercise we're suppose to take and bring to class some photographs of the subjects we typically capture (or we intend to capture). For me, that just our life. And Cole. Lots and lots of Cole. Really, nothing too different than what you see on this blog.


  1. So cool! Your photos look great! It's amazing what different lighting can do!

    1. Thanks, Rachel. I'm really looking forward to seeing what else I learn. It's funny to have been playing with my camera for years and only now getting a term for the various options.

  2. That's funny - you posted the middle photo on instagram and I thought it was a large sculpture somewhere in Memphis with ground lights shining on it! Oh how wrong I was!