April 30, 2013

The Water Is Up & Assorted Readings

The Mississippi is creeping up so the other night we took Cole to have a gander. She was happy to be up past her bedtime and amused by all the dogs and people walking by the water. Peter also gave her a few good tosses in the air which she still loves. And, of course, being East of the the setting sun gave me the opportunity to play with my camera.

On a completely unrelated point, I have a couple of readings to recommend:

First, and I know I just mentioned a Jen Hatmaker book but her blog is brilliant and this particular post read as if it were written just for me, is Jen's post titled "When Is It Time to Walk Away?" Careful, if you read this you may find it sounds like it was written to you.

Another post worth reading is Will's Birth Story. Erin is a dear friend of mine and Will's birth was not what she expected. The story is written so honestly it brings me to tears. Anyway, if you enjoy that sort of thing take a peak.

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