April 1, 2013

From the Long Weekend

We had such a lovely, long Easter weekend. On Thursday, Peter found out he had Friday off which was a nice surprise. We attended a Maundy Thursday service which pushed Cole's bedtime back a bit so Friday morning was easy going for the whole family. Shortly after breakfast on Friday, we went to Overton Park.

Cole was enamored by the Brooks, which was recently yarn bombed, so we spent most of our time by the museum. Cole loved the freedom of the open space and took the opportunity to chase her daddy around. She thought the stairs were her personal jungle gym! She thought the yarn was neat, making sure to touch as much of it as possible. Though truth be told, we'll go back when the yarn is gone and I doubt she'll notice.

Our little ninja decided that crawling was passé and she needed to walk the side of the staircase. She managed to do it successfully and without face-planting. I think this picture says it all, the girl has got some confidence. Just when we thought she was going to eat it, she steady herself and pressed right on.

Saturday we had to get our house ready for guests. We hosted a mid-afternoon Easter dinner on Sunday so I decided to find our stash of plastic eggs which I bought last year in an attempt to be festive. Cole dumped the bag as soon as we brought it down from the attic which left me seeking a way to contain the mess. In all of sixty seconds, Peter set up the Pack n' Play and we created an egg pit. The egg pit was a hit with Cole! We left it up for our Easter get-together because there were six itty bitties in attendance. Wouldn't you know it, the egg pit was a hit with them too! Looks like the egg pit will be a standard part of the Slaton Easter for years to come.

Sunday morning we headed to an early service to celebrate our risen Savior. What joy and confidence we have in Him!

After church, we gave Cole her Easter basket. She got some markers, a book, and toy remote but we should have just filled it with paper grass and dirt. The child is loving dirt these days! When we go to the park she plays in the dirt, when we go to the zoo she plays in the dirt, in the back yard she plays in the dirt. I really don't mind. If only I could figure out how to keep underneath her fingernails clean.

In an attempt to be more festive, I threw together some decorations for our little party. I used some silk dyed eggs for our centerpiece. As an aside, silk dyed eggs are much easier than they look and involve no mess. I do think it will take some practice to really master the skill, so I may have the hang of it by 2015. I recycled our banner from last year and plucked a few pink eggs from the egg pit for the mantle.

After dinner, Peter and the other dads took all the kids outside. They played with bubbles, took turns on the swing, and sat in the dirt (any guesses to whose child did that?). The kiddos had so much fun running around. It's crazy to think not three years ago our little crew was childless. Now we've got six little ones between us with at least two more on the way.

 Before I end this post, you must look at this baby! Remember baby Will? Look how big he's gotten. What a stud muffin!


  1. Love her yellow dress! Too cute!!

  2. Looks like such a lovely Easter! And I love all the adorable shots of your little one playing. So sweet!