April 14, 2014

Sunny and 79

After our long, snowy winter, we used the recent spring weather as reason enough to explore this new neck of the woods. Recently we went to the cliffs at Elk Neck State Park. The cliffs are a twenty minute walk from the parking lot. Naturally, as soon as we arrived at the cliffs Cole wanted to get out of the stroller. She is a quite the adventurer. Her adventuring, not to mention my anxiously beating heart, kept me from snapping any pictures from the top. Though it's hard to imagine a photo could do the view justice. From the cliffs, there is a path down the to water. The decline was impressive but not too much for the trusty BOB. And the girls loved the bumping and twisting. In fact, Ibbie was cackling the entire time. 
Down on the rocks, we took in the view. Cole and Peter threw and skipped rocks, respectively. Ib watched with such intent that I imagine, given the chance, she could skip a rock without much further instruction.

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