April 16, 2014

The Church Egg Hunt

Our new church holds an annual egg hunt, open to the community. Over 4,000 eggs, filled with candy, toys, and tickets redeemable at prize tables are spread across the property. The children under three hunt first. Before, after, and during the hunt, kids can occupy themselves on the playground or on a few inflatables set up in the gym. Cole took a lap to scope the place out.
I'm certain the girls would have been content to hang out on the playground all morning.
When it was time to hunt, Cole got right down to business. She eagerly filled her purse, her basket of choice. She and a friend kept finding eggs to give to the other. Their little kind, generous spirits warm my heart.
Cole came home with an impressive collection of treasures. She redeemed her nine tickets at the prize tables for an assortment of bath toys, cups, jewelry and pinwheels. Not a bad haul for a wee hunter. 

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