May 15, 2014

A Birthday Surprise

For as long as I've known him, Peter has wanted a ping pong table. He talked about it in our loft, our first house, and in every house we've ever considered buying. When we moved into this house, we both knew the basement would be used for storage, laundry, and, eventually, ping-pong.

The week we closed on our new house I sent an email to rally the troops. For once,  I had a gift idea for Peter's birthday: a ping-pong table. This was a major gift, with everyone chipping in to help with the purchase and construction of the table.

On Tuesday, as we were getting the girls ready for dinner I asked Peter to go to the basement to change the laundry. From halfway down the stairs I heard him exclaim, "Whoa! What?!" And he came right back up. I sent him back down for his cupcakes and card so I had a chance to snap a picture. What a surprise! He claims he had no idea it was coming which I count as a major success.
I should also mention that after our little family celebration ended he asked if there was actually laundry that needed to be changed. What a guy!

Happy birthday, Peter!

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  1. Still asked about the laundry. Peter is a gift! Happy Birthday Peter!