June 8, 2012

From My Phone

1- Girlfriend got her first bathing suit. It's a bikini, though she'll be sporting the surf shirt more often than not.
2- Gunther has claimed the space under the baby's crib as his own. While there is a constant battle for territory between our pups, at the moment under the crib belongs to Gunther. 
3- We decided to have a family date night at Edo. It's my favorite sushi place in Memphis so we go quite a bit. The waitress knows Cole and remembers her behavior at each visit. They have the best summer dessert! They humbly call it orange jello which evokes images of hospital food, not the sweet, juicy jello slices they've created.
4- Thanks to our kind friends who offered to babysit, or as we like to call it "practice" (they have a babe on the way), Peter and I had a grown-ups only date night on Monday. It was our first date since Cole was born and it was very refreshing. We went to Beauty Shop which is reliable and convenient, its right in our neighborhood.
5- Lily becomes increasingly more jealous and protective of Cole as the days go on. I'm interested to see where this relationship goes.
6- After a month of dealing with handfuls of my hair falling out, I finally bit the bullet and got a mom chop. My hair is still falling out but at least it's shorter.
7- Did you know Cole and I tree-gaze every day? She loves to be outside so every afternoon we throw out a blanket and look up at the sky.
8- Despite introducing Cole to the "cry it out" method this week, she wakes up smiling and giggling.  Every. Single. Morning. I melt.

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  1. Great idea to do a blog according to your phone! So glad your girlie makes you melt :) Motherhood must be amazing!