June 13, 2012

Encore! Encore!

Just for fun, here are two more delights from our engagement collection:

Things that are weird about this picture: the angle, my dress being wet, other people's children are randomly scattered in the background. I am particularly fond of the little fella pulling up his trunks. Have you spotted him?

Lets play I Spy. I spy with my little eye the photographer's leg and boot.  I suppose if this was an untouched picture not the final edited version the error would be more forgivable. Should I even mention how criminal this angle is?

In other news, Peter is traveling for work this week so it's just us girls. While Cole and I had a week without Peter when we went to Baltimore, this is different. For starters, Peter is more than a time zone away so it's much more difficult to talk to him. Secondly, when we were traveling my responsibilities were very limited,  really I just had to care for the babe. With Peter traveling all of the responsibilities are still here, unfortunately there is just one less person to get them done. Anyone up for explaining to our pups why they haven't gone for any walks this week? Needless to say, we'll all be delighted to have Peter home.

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