June 15, 2012

A Tale of Two Bags

Cole has two diaper bags. She didn't at first, but in the last month I decided it's necessary.

We use cloth diapers which means I need to carry the cloth diapering supplies when we are out. Understandably,  at school and church, cloth diapers aren't allowed so Cole uses disposables while she's there. It may sound like a pretty simple swap, but something about changing the contents of the diaper bag has left me unprepared on more than one occasion. For instance, last Sunday while we were at church, Cole, as she tends to do, beat her disposable diaper. She needed a new outfit but somewhere between switching the contents of the bag and the hustle of Sunday morning, we didn't have one. As a result, our sweet girl sat in nursery wearing only a diaper until we located an outfit she could borrow.

The other issue I've run into is that her school requires specific contents for the diaper bag and everything has to be labeled. A number of items I tote daily are not on that list and few items are labeled. In order to make life simpler for her teachers, I only put the required items in Cole's bag. Until last week I'd been using painters tape and a Sharpie to label her items. Attempting to reduce the amount it time it takes us to get ready for school and church, I now include as many monogrammed items in her bag as possible. I've also finally gotten my act together and ordered some labels. How was I supposed to know that most people don't label their kid's stuff with painters tape and a Sharpie? No one tells you these things. 

As of right now, here are the contents of Cole's two bags: 

1- the diaper bag
2- a muslin blanket I use as a nursing cover
3- travel changing pad
4- diaper rash cream
5- sunscreen
6- hand sanitizer
7- nail clippers
8- Cole's favorite teether
9- Hotsling
10- spare diapers
11- wet/dry bag
12- wipes
Not pictured- a spare change of clothes

1- the school/church bag
2- spare pajamas
3- diapers
4- a lovey
5- a spare outfit
6- a bib (there are supposed to be two but one is in wash)

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