August 23, 2012

Baltimore, Part 2: Not Baltimore

We spent last weekend in Baltimore. Sort of. 
The whole point of the trip was actually for me to help host a bridal shower that was in Pennsylvania.
So not Baltimore. 

The shower was a collaborative effort hosted by the bridesmaids.
Since the five of us live in five different states, we planned the shower through email. 
As the shower came together on Saturday, we were each delighted. And it was stunning. 
Everything flowed and the weather was perfect. Who has ever heard of a cool August day? 

Since I was coming from Tennessee, I opted to help with some pre-shower purchases.
It would have been too much for me to travel with shower supplies and Cole.
Fortunately, the other bridesmaids understood my circumstance.
I did make a little paper banner the night before that we used to draw attention to the pavilion. 

Another bridesmaid did the flowers. They were gorgeous! 
She collected glass jars to create beautiful, feminine and rustic tablescapes. 
She also made banners and streamers. She really carried a vision for the decorations.

I love how bridal showers bring together friends from various seasons of life.
I met some of the bride's life-long friends, family friends, and grad school friends.
And everyone was beaming about the couple.

The shower in not Baltimore was near the home of Peter's aunt and uncle. 
Since we were so close, we popped in after the shower so Cole could meet some of her Greats. 
And get smothered with kisses. 

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  1. The shower looks like it came out fantastic! Love the banner you made!