August 3, 2012

PopPop Tim's Quick Trip

My dad made a quick trip to Memphis earlier this week. He arrived Wednesday morning and departed Thursday night, but we made sure to pack lots into those short two days. PopPop Tim hadn't seen Cole since she and I went to Baltimore back in April. After studying his face for a bit, Cole seemed to recognize her grandfather and was eager to play with him.

Peter took Wednesday off so he could visit with my dad, too. Wednesday afternoon we went to the zoo. Now I realize we go to the zoo all the time. Here's the thing- It's eight-minutes from our house, well-kept, with smooth sidewalks. And the cost of membership with a guest pass is extremely reasonable. I'd go every day given the opportunity. We were able to see most of the zoo while Cole waffled between a heavy-eyed stare and actual dozing.

As we were leaving the Bird House my dad turned into Doctor Dolittle. At the sound of my dad's whistle, this bird left his feeding dish and jumped to the side of the cage to whistle with him. Pretty weird. But very cool.

PopPop taught Cole the exciting game of catch. She was extremely focused and mighty proud of herself each time she nabbed her ball.

Before my dad headed out, we ventured to the Mighty Mississippi.

I threw out a blanket which we played on for a bit before taking advantage of the River as the backdrop for a few family pictures. 

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