August 14, 2012

The Grands

Peter's folks came to visit last weekend. After an easy Friday night at home, we ventured out Saturday to the Memphis Botanic Garden. There are over twenty specialty gardens at the Memphis Botanic Garden so there is plenty of space to explore. 

Peter bummed a quarter from his dad in order to buy some fish food. The fish were desperate and overly aggressive for food hungry.

Cole got to snuggle with her grandparents a whole lot while they were here.

We saw this gal on the way out.  I don't think she'll be hungry for awhile. 

Cole is turning out to be quite the fan of accessories. She'll gladly wear a hat or sunglasses which is helpful. Since she likes to be outside.  As much as possible. 

When we got home, Cole cozied up next to her daddy and told us all fascinating stories. 

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  1. In my 2 years in Memphis, I never went there. SUCH A SHAME! and p.s. I sitll want that chair. it's my favorite.