September 7, 2012

...About the Baby Squirrels


When we took down the tree, we destroyed the home of a number of animals and insects. I was already feeling very guilty, like Urban-Fern Gully guilty when....

On the first day of work, we saw one of the tree trimmers hanging out by the fence. With some squirrels. Some baby squirrels.

Dude found them in one of the limbs he was dragging to the front yard. Knowing the abandoned squirrels were outside, I couldn't do nothing. So I sought the powers of Google: "What to do with abandoned baby squirrels?"

I found a place for the squirrels, Mid-South Orphaned Wildlife. I called the rescuer who told me I could bring the squirrels out. But I had to wait. Six hours.

For six hours, the squirrels hung out in our dining room. On a cloth diaper. In a shoebox. On a towel. On a heating pad. On the ironing board. I didn't know I cared so much.

When I took the squirrels to Mid-South Orphaned Wildlife,  I was introduced to a new world. A world where people are burdened to help orphaned wildlife. Where raccoons, opossums, and squirrels are rehabilitated for release into the wild. The baby squirrels, which turned out to be a pair of girls and a boy, were weighed and fed. Then placed into an incubator with other abandoned or orphaned baby squirrels.

The next day, we had the other tree in our yard pruned. With a different work crew. At one point, I looked out the back window and saw one of the tree guys with some baby squirrels. Dangling by their tails. Over the fence.

Like a maniac, I ran outside and told him not to drop them. I got a box. Called the rescuer. And started the whole thing over again.


  1. Is this real life? I can't even handle those baby squirrels... and I'm so glad you took good care of them!

    1. Girl, you read my mind. I asked myself that very question for two days.

  2. Good for you Parker! And I can't believe that second work crew!!! ahh!!

  3. Oh my goodness, so cute. I'm so glad you were able to save them!

  4. WOW!!! That's awesome! So cute too!