September 17, 2012


Just a few thoughts from the weekend: 

The annual Cooper-Young Festival, which celebrates our neighborhood, was on Saturday.
And the 4-miler was Friday. A couple of our friends hosted a causal shindig in their front yard during the race.
I took my camera. But I didn't take pictures. Too busy living to be a shutterbug, I suppose.

I've been cracking up over this blog I was recently introduced to. Thanks, Mary B.
Please, please read Special Time and 7 Stages of Night Grief.
It's relatable. And funny. And I don't even have a toddler.
Just an expressive nearly-seven month old that doesn't like vegetable bakes.

The mister and I started watching Friday Night Lights a few weeks ago.
I'm fond. Though I'm confused about where all of the students at East Dillon went to school in the first three seasons.
Anyone know?


  1. Oh my word... new favorite blog.

  2. Oh my gosh Parker, that is the best expression I have ever seen! Why are you not starting FNL from Season One!?!?!?!?!

    1. Oh, we started with the first season. We're four seasons in now. And 100% hooked!

    2. Yeah I LOVE it. I started watching it during maternity leave, and TWO years later have still not finished Season 5 because I don't want it to end. Truth.

      Parker, I just read those two blog posts. I'm at work and started laughing so histarically I swear it sounded like crying. And my eyes are watering so I'm realy hoping no one heard and comes in to ask me what's wrong. I haven't thought of a good lie yet. Do you know this person!? How genius to write it from a toddler's perspective. It takes a lot of writing talent too! Parker- be afraid, be very afraid. ;) Last week I would have told you this is the most fun Reese has ever been. This week he started sneaking up behind me and pulling my hair, spitting on me (though he literally says that he's just blowing bubbles), and doing the elbow-drop on me. To make matters WORSE, he has ALREADY perfected saying, without being asked, "I'm sorry Mama."

    3. Haha. I believe that!!

      I do not know the Honest Toddler writer. I wish I did. Oh, I'm nervous already. Cole has mastered her own Stages of Night Grief. Also, in case you need more Honest Toddler, he's on Facebook and Twitter too.

  3. Thanks to you, I am now obsessed with the Honest Toddler. Hilarious!