September 6, 2012

Changes in the Skyline

We had some slight tree damaged in a recent storm.  One limb was left hanging ominously over the house.  Threatening to put a hole in the roof. We called a few tree services and got some estimates for the limb removal.

Bad news. When the tree guys arrived we learned the limb was the least of our problems. One of the tree guys started pulling at the base of the tree with his bare hands. And the wood started  falling away. The base of the tree and root system was rotted out and infested by termites. The whole tree needed to come down.

The professionals came in and took down the limb. And the rest of the tree.  I'm glad we called in real professionals rather than bank on our neighborhood handyman. In this scenario, dealing with licensed professionals was the way to go. 

When the first day of work was complete, the large oak was merely a stump. And that stump was ground into mulch two days later.

Gunther, our emo dog, mourned the loss of the tree.  And contemplated the open space. 

Our yard was basically destroyed in the process of having the tree removed.  We're calling it the drawing board. I doubt we'll do anything too exciting.  Maybe a simple patio and a new tree. Definitely some grass.  

Stay tuned. 

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