August 14, 2013

Day in Philadelphia

Before we left the Mid-Atlantic we decided to take a day trip to Philadelphia to meet Cole's new [second] cousin, Matthew. Matthew is the son of Peter's cousin, Rod. When Peter and I first heard that Rod and his wife were expecting we were beside ourselves with joy for them and our own children. You see, by the time they announced their pregnancy we knew that I was pregnant again but were still keeping the news private. The wee ones will end up being no more than two months apart in age. 

Sweet Matthew was born on Wednesday, July 31 and we met him Friday, August 1. What a precious little boy he is! Cole knew he was family right away and was very interested on loving on the babe.
After we left the hospital, we decided to take a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo. Kelsey came with us since she had to pass through Philadelphia on the way back to New Jersey. We were all so impressed with the zoo. It was much larger than I expected and the exhibits were so well tailored to kids. I'd go back in a heartbeat!

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