August 20, 2013

Sprinkled + Bebe Pool

I've found this second pregnancy to be so interesting. In some ways, it's wildly reminiscent of my pregnancy with Cole. With both girls, I knew almost immediately that I was pregnant. Still, this pregnancy has been different than my first. Most blatantly, I have a toddler to chase and haven't been put on bed rest. Cole distracts me from my growing waist line. Unlike my first pregnancy, this one has flown by.  I don't have to prepare a room.  And we don't really need to get many supplies. Since we know it's a girl and we're well set on girl clothing, I'm just planning on getting a double stroller. Really, if sister came tomorrow we'd be as prepared as we will be in a couple of weeks.

The other thing about second pregnancies- especially when they are so close together- is you don't typically have a shower. But of course, it's still fun to celebrate! I'm so fortunate to have a group of women in Memphis who already love this little girl and want to celebrate her. Sunday night, thirty women sprinkled me and little sister at El Toro Loco. It was perfect! The group was a cross section of my friends from many different places: church, the Clemson Club, my mommy group, Peter's coworkers wives, and so on.  It was overwhelming to have so many of my friends together to celebrate baby sister.
The ladies took up a collection for the Slaton Sisters' Stroller Stash.  I was floored by their generosity! Little sister also received some fresh items and clothes which I know will be so darling on her. I didn't bother taking my camera to the sprinkle so I just ganked a few iPhone pictures from friends.
Since little sister's arrival is right around the corner, I thought it'd be fun to do a baby birth pool. Just click the link and take a guess at the date you think sister will arrive. If you're curious, I'm due September 15 (Cole arrived 8 days before her due date). Good luck!


  1. glad you and the little one were celebrated in such a fun way :)

    Are you getting a BOB duallie? I think it was you who was asking about BOB a bit ago.

    1. That's the plan! I'm also eying some smaller umbrella strollers to keep in the car.