August 12, 2013

Rockin' n' Rompin' (and Kid President!)

On Saturday we went to Rock-n-Romp. Just like we did in April and May. We just love it! This month, Rock-n-Romp was a bit different because it was indoors at Bridges. In brief, Bridges is a local nonprofit that helps youth build teamwork and leadership skills. They have a rock wall that Cole desperately wanted to attempt. But, I think you have to be at least two years old to try it.
One negative of an indoor Rock-n-Romp was the volume. It was a great deal louder than the outdoor shows and we forgot Cole's ear plugs. We hung around the fringes and let Cole do some of the activities in the side rooms. In one room, Bricks 4 Kidz, a program that encourages learning in the STEM fields using legos, set up a craft area. Cole was able to draw on a paper plate while the plate was spinning. She was into it. But she wasn't into showing her work off.
A bunch of Sit 'N Spins were set up for the kids to try. Cole watched the big kids before deciding sitting wasn't interesting enough.
Kid President made a special appearance at Rock-n-Romp so we made sure to introduce the girl to him. She took the opportunity very seriously and made a case for her run as Vice President.
Chip Chockley Photography

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  1. hahaha, I am DYING over the photo of Cole and Kid President. Kind of jealous that you got to meet him...