September 15, 2013

40 Weeks

September 15, my due date, is here and we are still a family of three.
It is not what I expected, but I'm so grateful for the extra two-on-one time we've been able to spend with Cole. Our girl has received lots of extra attention from visitors lately with more visitors joining us tonight. Months ago when my mom was buying plane tickets, we told her to come on the baby's due date since sister would definitely be here by then. Ha! Oh, how the lessons in parenting two children have already begun. It seems the notions that every child is different does, in fact, extend into labor. Somehow I  think I worked it in my head to anticipate different children but similar births.

While we're living in a state of constant expectancy, I'm opting to keep on living. As I've been around town this week, people have been quick to comment on my belly. A typical exchange goes something like this:
     "Wow. That baby must be coming soon..."
     "Yep. I'm due on Sunday."
     "Whoa! And you're out and about? Are you okay? Do you need any help?" 

It's actually amusing to see how people shift when they realize how pregnant I am. I suppose there may be some deep underlying fear that I could break into spontaneous Stage 2 labor and require immediate help in delivery. But, really, am I just suppose to stay at home and wait?

We've been filling our time with all sorts of routine and special activities: washing cars, walking the dogs, attending a couple of parties for the Cooper-Young 4 Miler, treasure hunting at the Cooper-Young Festival, and visiting the farm for a Sunday School kick-off party. Until sister arrives, we don't really have any intention of abandoning our plans.  Since I'm already carrying an extra thirty-plus pounds around, I've been relying on my iPhone camera rather than my Nikon. Surely, you understand.

Friday night, we watched the start of the race before heading down the street to our friend's house for a yard party. Cole delighted in the glow sticks the hosts put out and tried to help her buddy H put one around his ankle.
Saturday we walked up to the Cooper-Young Fest where we found treasures for the girls, ourselves and my mom.  Two years ago, my mom mentioned a painting that was on display at Fino's and asked me to go back and get it. Unfortunately, by the time I made it over there the painting had sold. I familiarized myself with the artist and every time we've gone to a local festival I've kept an eye out. While I've perused the artist's booth at least three times since then, I've not seen any similar work. Until yesterday! It was a major score. We also bumped into the Moskes, whose daughter was one of Cole's first friends. The girls decided to stroll through a couple of booths together.
Cole & Sally (Thanks to Sarah for this picture)  
After Cole's nap on Saturday, we headed to the farm for a Kick-Off Party for our Sunday School class. Other than an unexpected fear of horses that was exposed, Cole seemed to love everything about being in the country. Sure, it helped that there were a gazillion children for her to play with and more ride-on toys than I could count. Cole actually cried when we wouldn't let her drive the four-wheeler.
Sadly, Cole woke up with a stomach bug this morning. A 12-hour bug has been going around our church and our baby was not spared. She seems to be over the worst of it now so we're just soldiering on.

As for becoming a family of four: if sister hasn't made her debut by Tuesday, I'll be going back to the doctor for an ultrasound and to discuss an eviction plan.

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  1. Toward the end of my pregnancy I started telling people "today" when they asked when I was due. It DOES make people very nervous!