September 5, 2013

Gettin' Real Real

Knowing that baby sister will be joining our gang by the end of the month (or I hope and pray sooner!), I am anticipating a return to straight-up survival mode. At least for the fall. Newborns are tough whether they are only children or not. I'm aware that two under two will present unique challenges but I'm a firm believer that those challenges are just different from the challenges presented when siblings are further apart in age. Ultimately the goal with a newborn is just the general survival of the family. Am I wrong?

I will admit, saying a return to survival mode is a bit funny because with Cole we constantly live in a state of survival. Cole is a climber in the most gifted sort of way. She loves to practice balancing on various surfaces and climbing as high as she can as often as she can. It's come to the point where bystanders may not know if I'm speaking to my dog or child as I command: off, down, sit, and no.

Because her climbing is so mind-boggling, I've been known to snap a picture before returning her to a less precarious position. For what it's worth, she does have a very good balance and is quite resilient after a fall. 


  1. Have you seen that new Aerial Arts place on Union? Cole can ride one of the dogs over there and let some energy out.