September 26, 2013

Ibbie's Birth Story

If you're not interested in birth stories or any sort of medical talk, skip this post.

Unlike her sister, in the weeks prior to Ibbie's birth, there was little evidence that I was progressing toward labor. At 40 weeks and 2 days, my OB said I was still 2 centimeters, as I had been since 37 weeks, and I still wasn't having any contractions. After an ultrasound indicating everything was fine, my doctor gave me the option to wait it out another week or schedule an induction. I opted to schedule an induction since my mom was in town to help. My doctor left a message with the hospital scheduler and told me she'd call me later in the day with my induction date and time. Before I left the appointment, my doctor also offered to strip my membranes. I asked her to go ahead with it since it was effective with Cole.

I was a touch uncomfortable following my appointment but proceeded with everything as normal. Cole, my mom, Bigs and I ran errands, lunched on the bluff and even walked the bluff stairsanything to get labor going! At 3 o'clock I got a call from my OB that my induction was scheduled for 5 o'clock the next morning. I was relieved. The waiting game was over!

As the afternoon turned to evening, I grew increasingly uncomfortable. I wasn't able to stomach dinner and I realized we wouldn't be making it to the scheduled induction so I asked my mom to spend the night at the house with Cole. Around 8 o'clock I decided it was time to start tracking my contractions. They were coming every 4:30-5:00 minutes and lasting for 60-90 seconds. After an hour, they were coming every 3:45-4:00 minutes and I told Peter it was time to go.

When we got to the hospital at 10 o'clock, the nurse told me Dr. Delaney, the same doctor who delivered Cole (and who I love!), was on call and that I was 5 centimeters. Then she asked if I wanted an epidural which I did.  Before she checked me, she asked if I'd had any bleeding. Prior to arriving at the hospital I hadn't but as I changed into the hospital gown I realized I was bleeding. She told me it was probably just bloody show which is normal. Once she got me hooked up to the fetal monitor she put me on oxygen because Ibbie was not reacting well to the contractions.

I got my epidural around 10:40. As I laid back on the bed, I felt an overwhelming amount of pressure. The anesthesiologist said, "Uh oh!" and the nurse said she needed to check me because it may be time to push. Fortunately I had only progressed to 8.5 centimeters so I wasn't going to have to push without the epidural. Still, 3.5 centimeters in forty minutes is pretty fast. The pressure I felt was from a "bulging bag" of waters. I remained on oxygen and the nurse had me lean on my left side because Ibbie was still not doing well with the contractions.

As Peter and I waited for progress, I thought my water broke. Twice. In both cases, it was just blood. We told the nurse, who was not concerned the first time but became quite concerned the second. Looking at the fetal monitor, she said, "I don't like this. Let me call Dr. Delaney again." Not long after that, around 1:15, Dr. Delaney was in the room.  She checked me and I was at 10 centimeters. My water still hadn't broken so she went ahead and broke it. After doing so, she looked at the nurse and said, "Call NICU." Of course, hearing that I knew something was off but set my mind to getting the baby out. I started pushing at 1:20. The pushing was going well but they needed to get the baby out which was obvious by the faces of the NICU nurses that had come into the room and were watching the fetal monitor. At 1:29 Dr. Delaney told me she was going to use a vacuum to help get Ibbie out. With the vacuum assistance, Ibbie was out in five pushes with an official birth time of 1:31.

The nurses cleaning Ibbie up called her "chunky," "bigger than mom," and pointed out her double chin. Our sweet girl arrived with a head of hair and a tad heavier than her big sister, at 8 pounds 3 ounces. As Ibbie was being checked on by the NICU nurses, Dr. Delaney explained that I had a partial placental abruption. She even went to far as to show me the placenta, with the caveat that she didn't want to "gross me out." She also explained how the position of the cord was part of the reason Ibbie wasn't doing well with labor. The cord was pinched during contractions; Ibbie was quick to turn her head away from the cord once she was out.

After everything was determined to be just fine with Ibbie and me, we got to meet! She latched right away, like Cole, and hasn't lost interest. After a bit of recovery time, Dr. Delaney came back to discuss how I was doing and answer any questions Peter or I had about the labor.  She told me we were fortunate pushing went well because had it gone on much longer she would have had to perform a Cesarean. It was a short labor but a long night.

Ibbie revealed a hint of her personality when she opted to arrive after her due date but ahead of the scheduled induction. And exactly 19 months after her sister. We're looking forward to seeing more of this little lady's personality in the upcoming days, weeks, and months.

Here's a short slide show I put together with some pictures we took during our time in the hospital: 


  1. Birth stories are the best. I'm so proud of you! Ibbie is just precious as can be. Thanks so much for sharing this! I can't wait to write my next one!