February 10, 2014

12 Weeks In

We've been Delewareans for twelve weeks now. I've put my GPS away, registered Cole for preschool and figured out where I like to shop for groceries. I've exchanged numbers with a handful of women that I've met through BSF and clubs. We're getting closer to finding our church home and waiting anxiously for a house to be listed for sale in one of the neighborhoods we like.

I've realized Delaware is full of people in our same situation. I haven't actually met many people from Delaware. Most folks that I have met are from New Jersey, Maryland or Pennsylvania and have been in Delaware less than five years.

Winter here is chilly. We've seen nearly a foot of snow come and go.  My girls have had colds and Ibbie had a double ear infection. In light of all of this, we've watched a lot of George, which Cole calls, "ooh, ooh, eee, eee, eee, aah, aah."
Cole started to get her groove back before the snow melted so she took to her toys.  
We put a toddler side on Cole's crib this week. With her advanced climbing skills, we  probably should have done it awhile ago. So far, she is doing well. She is aware that she can get out of the bed but realizes that she is not supposed to.  Time marches on. 
Ibbie is such a babe! She rolls boths ways now which is pretty wild. And she loves to babble. It occurred to me, just recently, that she's lived in Delaware longer than she lived in Tennessee. She was just a wee thing when we moved but it still made me a bit teary. 
A few weeks ago, I registered Cole for her next round of gymnastics. She loves going to the gym and practicing her moves at home so it seemed like a good idea to stick with it. Peter always comes home from their Saturday class with video, so I made this: 
I miss Memphians everyday. I miss the city too, but mostly the people.  But somehow, at twelve weeks in, everything here still feels new and curiously familiar. I tell people, "We just moved" when I'm sure that should shift to "We moved in November." 


  1. Oh goodness no, you definitely "just moved". I think as long as it feels that way to us we might as well say it to people we meet.

  2. wow, I am seriously impressed by Cole's "moves". I don't even know if Rory would hold onto a swinging rope. She definitely doesn't do a somersault by herself!