February 20, 2014

Cole :: Two Year Old Favorites

Cole used to pronounce please "ank ewe" while signing please. Then it morphed into "puh" then again to "ease," always accompanied by the sign. I know in a blink she'll be pronouncing please the appropriate way and so many of her other two-isms will be a thing of the past. So I decided to freeze this moment by recording some of her current favorites along with her pronunciation of them.

Food: naan, pronounced "nine," and yogurt
Drink: whole milk, pronounced "melk"
Color: blue, pronounced "boo"
Shoes: pink boots, pronounced "boops"
Animals: Our dogs: Lily, pronounced "dog," and Gunther, pronounced "anon"
Book: Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site and the Bible, pronounced "bi"
Song: The Wheels on the Bus, pronounced "rown, rown"
Movie: Mary Poppins, pronounced "Poppies"
TV Show: Curious George, pronounced "ooh, ooh, eee, eee, eee, aah, aah"

1 comment:

  1. Rory calls Curious George (and all other monkeys for that matter) "ah ah". Basically just a shortened version of Cole's ;)