February 7, 2014

A Loss

We've been preoccupied, and in Baltimore, in the last couple of weeks because my grandfather passed away. In recent years he struggled with Parkinson's, but at the end the decline was fast and steep. He passed in his sleep after a grand Monday night dinner at the hospice. He spent his last night surrounded by two generations of family packed into this bedroom, reminiscing and playing along with Jeopardy and The Wheel of Fortune (I believe they even let him win)
PopPop was a man of unwavering conviction. He valued family, education, and time together. He knew what it was to make a commitment and see it through. For anyone who knows me to be an overcommitter, I come by it honestly.
Last week was filled with mourning for my family, yet I know heaven rejoices. My grandfather is reunited with his bride and his mother, two of his favorite people. He has been healed of his suffering and given a new body!

While we were collecting mementos and pictures to display at the funeral, we came across a card my grandfather wrote to my grandmother back when they were dating. If ever a personality came through in writing, it was in that card! In an effort to write a lengthy letter, my grandfather, by no means a man of many words, included random tidbits of car information and poetry between the rather humorous matters that he was actually writing about. It was very PopPop.

We will all miss his presence at family gatherings; there is absolutely a void at the table. But we'll meet again so there can be hope and even joy in grief.

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  1. I am really sorry Parker. Glad you had the dinner, found the letter and were with him, but so so sorry for your grief.